We are proud to offer these options to all survivors moving toward a healthy and productive life after abuse.


Our Services

  • The ‘Healing Couch’ – In addition to our custom awareness ribbon, the project is recognized by our white couch. Our couch represents a place of trust, comfort, and truth, as does the couch at the home of one’s closest confidant, or even the survivors’ own couch.   Survivors who are ready to begin to move into life after abuse through our movement “SHARE…HEAL…LIVE..”..contact us to schedule a 1-on-1 session. Once they tell us their safe place of choice, the project takes our ‘Healing Couch’ to the requested destination. (ie. a bookstore; festival; parking lot even a  bridge; we do not take the couch to private residences.) After said survivor & the founder of the organization (also a survivor) shares, cries & releases the pains of the past, every survivor autographs the couch as a promise to leaving their past behind and not allowing it to dictate their journey of moving into a healthy life after abuse. We are humbled and saddened to say that we have 3.5 couches full of signatures and are working on filling up our 4th couch.
  • Survivor Sessions –  Every other month, survivors gather to connect, support and encourage each other to continue their journey into life after abuse.  See one survivors view. $
  • Workshops –  Every quarter we facilitate Healing Workshops focusing on areas of Mental Health, featuring a variety of respected specialist in their fields relating to trauma informed care and recovery from abuse.
  • Connection Card Initiative – During sessions, survivors have the opportunity to personally connect with other survivors by sharing the Connection Card, (a contact card containing a first name and email address) in an effort to build/expand their support system on their journey to life after abuse.
  • Accountability Partners – Survivors from various backgrounds are appointed to incoming survivors who have the desire but may lack the wherewithal to maintain self-motivation while moving forward in their journey of healing.
  • IAMKASSIE (Network of Survivors)- Every survivor coming through our program will have access to our Community of Survivors for continued peer to peer support through their journey of healing.
  • Healing Thru The Arts-(Annual Fundraiser) –  A showcase of survivors with performing gifts or talents take to the stage to share how they have used their gifts to promote healing from the past in an effort to encourage others to look inside themselves to find their personal healing gift or talent.
  • K.A.S.S.I.E. Live- (television broadcast) – Every quarter, our show focus’ on survivors who desire to share with the masses the struggles and successes of their journey of healing.
  • K.A.S.S.I.E. for a Cause – We take time to focus on other causes that affect our communities by providing 5 – 10 min expose vignettes of organizations  positively influencing healing.