The K.A.S.S.I.E. Project takes a look at the issues that are affecting our communities and creates dramatic adaptations in an effort to reach and involve more individuals, communities and decision makers in finding a resolve to end generational cycles of violence. These staged productions are created to highlight the signs, stigmas and mental health side effects of violence in our communities.

Our vignettes have been presented in prisons, schools church’s and at other community events. We are available for live presentations. Please contact us at

Original script written by Greg Stallworth, this staged production of one father’s attempt to keep his son from becoming another senseless victim of gun violence. The two experience a raw unpredictable encounter not often seen in the black community. Khrys Styles produces and directs this one-act play during a community conversation around the effects of those directly affected, the mothers and the children who are forced to live in communities riddled by gun violence.
TRAPPED is the story of one couples journey from love through domestic violence. This is not the full presentation but gives you a look into the mind of narcissistic behaviors and a co-dependent mindset.